✨ Hello!

I’m Kate, an Art Director at Leo Burnett.

I was born and raised in South Korea until middle school, then studied abroad in B.C. Canada, PA, and N.Y., United States.

I lived in NYC for about nine years and earned my Advertising, Art Business and Fine Arts degrees.

(blah blah blah 🤖)
Long story short,

My love for creating an overall mood in different projects and the AHA moment we get through solving problems led me to the advertising world.

👀️ Recognitions. 

Andy Awards 2023, ‘Duolingo: Carversations’

Clio Awards 2023, ‘Duolingo: Carversations’
Product / Service: Shortlist

New York Festivals 2022, ‘Duolingo: Carversations’
Public Relation: Silver
Outdoor: Bronze
Branded Content / Entertainment: Bronze
Digital / Mobile: Finalist

Young Ones ADC 2022, ‘Duolingo: Carversations’
Advertising / Press: Merit

New York Festivals 2021, ‘Doordash: QR Coin’
Branded Content / Entertainment: Shortlist
Outdoor: Shortlist

Graphis Advertising 2021, ‘Burger King: Mompper Popper’
Commercial: Silver

Graphis Advertising 2021, ‘Burger King: Dead-Net Whopper’ 
Advertising / Interactive: Silver

Graphis Design 2020, Gold x 1, Silver x 2

*These are all student awards.


Art Director   /   Toronto, Canada
Love Creative Work + Iced Capp